St George Healthcare Group

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UK Charities:

St George Healthcare Group supports local and international charities to help develop and fund research for individuals with various needs and conditions.

NAS (National Autistic Society)
The NAS campaign to develop a better world for people with autism: by providing information, support and specialist services. Their work relies on your support, so please get involved or donate today.

A UK-wide charity, that works to improve life after brain injury. Run through a range of frontline services direct from its Nottingham office, with a network of more than 100 groups and branches across the UK. Headway provides support services, information to brain injury survivors, families/carers and professionals in the health and legal fields.

St Mark Universal Care
A youth oriented UK based charity working to promote independence, dignity and confidentiality. The charity has 3 aims; to map out the aid provided to Egypt and Sudan, highlighting areas which are deprived of aid. To provide a marketing platform for the national and international charities who provide aid in Egypt and Sudan. To invite, and support, the world churches and organisations, to network together and sponsor the areas of unmet needs in Egypt, Sudan and the rest of the world.

International Charities:

St Mina Charity
A charity based in Cairo that supports orphans and families in deprived areas, helping fund their daily living, educational and healthcare needs as well as funding small projects to help with the high percentage of unemployment.

St George Monastery
A monastery situated in a small village near to the famous city of Luxor. The charity provides food and employment opportunities in farming and agriculture to the surrounding villages.

Examples of the support we provide

During 2012-2013 St George Healthcare Group donated nearly 110,888 across all of the charities we support.

  • 42,000 was donated to help support 180 families below the poverty line
  • We donated 21,000 to help provide medical services including clinics, investigations, scans, renal dialysis, surgeries and addiction treatment.
  • 13903 was donated to support 282 orphans in 11 orphanages.
  • 6000 was given to support 3000 children in El Noba, Egypt.
  • 796 was provided to support 15 elderly people in two nursing homes.

Other figures include: Small projects fund (10,689) and other services (16,500)